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meredith hope

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Meredith - Hope

meredith hopeMeredith - Hope

Meredith's song she wrote, sung with school chorus.

Cash Cash - Surrender (cover) by Meredith Kochan

meredith hopeCash Cash - Surrender (cover) by Meredith Kochan

Hi everybody! My name is Meredith. Hope you guys enjoy this cover of Cash Cash's new song Surrender. I did this one on the StarMaker app to enter a contest, but I'll be putting out more...

Meredith Hope - When Im Gone

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - When Im Gone

Hall Music Productions Holiday Recital 2011 Starwood Studios

Meredith Hope - One & Only

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - One & Only

Meredith Hope - One & Only spring 2012

Meredith Hope - Unattainable

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Unattainable

Original Song by Me!!! Written by Meredith Hope and Florian Reutter Produced by Florian Reutter Engineered by Florian Reutter and Meredith Hope

Bellydance Training Drills

meredith hopeBellydance Training Drills

Rhythma Studio's instructor, Meredith Hope, guides us through a series of Bellydance drills in this informative suplemental video. Intended to augment practi...

Meredith Hope - Fly (Live Acoustic)

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Fly (Live Acoustic)

Hey everybody! Decided to upload me singing my original song "Fly" live and impromptu!! Hope you enjoy!! Like me on Facebook, and download my songs! : Follow Me on Twitter: #hopeisontheway

Leave It Behind Music Video - Margarita Kelly

meredith hopeLeave It Behind Music Video - Margarita Kelly

Upcoming Recording Artist Margarita Kelly Music video for her first single Leave it behind. Free online Free download: Please Support us by buying this song at itunes: Credites Music Composed and produced by Hao wang Lyrics by Brendan Conlon, Margarita Kelly, Hao wang Directors Ernesto Galan, Emir Cerman, Hao wang Camera Ernesto Galan lights Ernesto Galan , Martin Boumendil Video producer Hao wang Editor Mike Hayes Assistant Editor Hao wang Choreography Niki Thelismond, Tomas Speakman Dancers Niki Thelismond Tomas Speakman Chucky Ebony Imaniye Montgomery Make-up Tomoko Shimizu Special thanks to: Sean Folk, Tomikazu Karl Saegusa, DJ Hatfield, Thea Lilu Arandjelovic Yuanyuan Zhang Meredith Hope Raney Michaela Rose Kaser Naomi Nagae Dione Tan Copyright © 2012 Hao wang music

Meredith Hope - Cameras Cover (Drake)

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Cameras Cover (Drake)

#hopeisontheway What's good everyone!! Here is my cover of Drake's "Cameras" A lil singin a lil rappin a lil real talk for ya! Hope you feel it! LIKE!! COMMENT!! SHARE!! LYRICS: You say you chillen, then you don't explain Do we really have to play this game? Reverse, past the hurt, the pain Back to the day when I met you, I swore I'd feel the same Thought I would go insane, those times you bailed on me Set sail on me But the nights I spent lonely, I dreamed of you and what we'd do, If ever you came around to the truth I've shown you proof I'm where you wanna be at It's all on you, cuz I've given all that I have Yet I still want you so bad It's so twisted how I gotta fix it, Cuz even when it's on the floor in little pieces, I still miss it, can't resist it Even when I hate you so much, I can't I can't even speak it out loud cuz, Out in the crowd, there's a million faces nameless Yea, I want to be famous, But I also said I want it all And you're my biggest downfall, but without it, Nothing makes sense at all, So on you, I call It's all because you love me, that I have made my way So I hope you're thinkin of me, as you go about your day Whatever it is that you're doin Whoever it is that you're... You should know that the good ones go The good ones go, if you take too long So you should know that I will go If you take too long

Young at Heart - Amy Meredith NIGHTCORE

meredith hopeYoung at Heart - Amy Meredith NIGHTCORE

Hey guys, here is the nightcore'd version of Young at Heart by Amy Meredith. Hope you like it, leave a like if you did and subscribe. Helps me out a lot.

Fly and Hope, a song by me:)

meredith hopeFly and Hope, a song by me:)

I wrote this song, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay:) Lyrics: Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue, And the dreams you dare to dream, Really do come true The day I lear...

Hope - when Im gone cover!

meredith hopeHope - when Im gone cover!

This is me singing When I'm Gone. Hope you like it, please comment and subscribe thanks xx.

Meredith Hope - Touch

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Touch

Original song by Me!!! Written by Meredith Hope and Florian Reutter Produced by Florian Reutter Engineered by Max Jaeger Like my facebook page!!!!

Beats Antique - Waisted Choreography by Rhythma Studios 2013 China Tour

meredith hopeBeats Antique - Waisted Choreography by Rhythma Studios 2013 China Tour

FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Tribal Bellydance Fusion Choreography by Meredith Hope of Rhythma Studios on stage during a six-city tour of China. March 2013.

CUPS by Anna Kendrick -- Music Theory Style(:

meredith hopeCUPS by Anna Kendrick -- Music Theory Style(:

This is my composition project for Music Theory that we performed on 12/6/12.(: The Song is Cups by Anna Kendrick from the movie Pitch Perfect. Thank you to ...

The Scientist (Cover)

meredith hopeThe Scientist (Cover)

This One Is For You, Meredith(: Hope Everyone Enjoys!

Meredith Hope - Drake Make Me Proud Remix

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Drake Make Me Proud Remix

#hopeisontheway My cover of Drake and Nicki's "Make Me Proud" Hope that you love it!!!!! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE! REPOST!! download my music for free: follow me on twitter! :

Meredith Hope - Butterflyz Cover (Alicia Keys)

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Butterflyz Cover (Alicia Keys)

#hopeisontheway Hey everyone! Check out my cover of one of my favorite songs of all time, Alicia Key's "Butterflyz" This was something spiritual, its not perfect, but it's honest! I hope you can feel it like I do! SUBSCRIBE!! LIKE!! COMMENT!! SHARE!!

Meredith Hope - Wake Up

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Wake Up

Original Song by Me!!! Written by Meredith Hope and Florian Reutter Produced by Florian Reutter Engineered by Max Jaeger Like It, Love it, Spread the Word!

Meredith Hope - Headlines

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Headlines

Rough mix of my cover of Headlines by Drake!! A lil singin a lil rappin a lil swaggin!!! Like it or love it I wanna kno!!!! LYRICS: I be that make it happen chick Suckas swing and miss, they must be mad at what I get Well, seal it with a kiss You're feelin sweet, banana split But baby, don't be bitter I'm just tryna play the game ain't my fault I am a winner And these chickens look like dinner, but I come in peace Just tryna give the world these words that I have inside of me Do you believe that we were created to love somebody? Somebody loves you somewhere So I let it out cuz someone's got to feel it And everybody tries, cuz everybody's healin So you can see me as your friend or see me as the villan Cuz all I have is love, Best believe they kno Don't try to gas me, I don't run on fossil fuel They live in the past of yesterday, so old news What the people want is revolution New paths and new solutions I am authentic art, no substitution It's a new creative constitution Support the movement I am the world language and I spit it fluent Sorry their just incongruent Now it's all eyes on me like I'm the best to ever do it, So I'll be standin on the front line doin my battle call cuz its my time Turnin green for the limelight I'm prime Diamond in the rough but I still shine, I'ma get mines So whether winter, summer, spring, or fall, No, I won't stop until I get it all I'm raw Dreams money can buy Everybody else surprised, I wasn't surprised Dreams money can buy And I got a ...

Meredith Hope & Jaret Hewitt - Whats My name Cover

meredith hopeMeredith Hope & Jaret Hewitt - Whats My name Cover

RIHANNA NAVY! ha its my first live video everybody love this song love drake love riri and love JARET for making it happen. listen and leave love! xoxo Mere Follow us on twitter!! SUBSCRIBEEEE

Meredith Hope - How To Love/Trust Issues Cover

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - How To Love/Trust Issues Cover

Hey guys it's been forever but hope you enjoy my cover of my 2 favorite songs at the moment!! Shout out to YMCMB!!!!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @MeredithHope Download my EP for FREE

Meredith Hope - Ima Boss Remix

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Ima Boss Remix

#hopeisontheway What's good everybody?! Wanted to rap up 2011 with something that will get you looking forward to 2012. Hope you enjoy my version of one of my favorite songs, "I'ma Boss" LYRICS: Allow me to introduce myself My name is Meredith Hope And you know how it goes I'ma boss, I call the shots And I pay the cost And if I'm in this bitch, Then you know it's goin' down, You can call me the queen, Cuz I'm next to wear the crown And who gon' test my royal navy? They'll knock your lights out, Go to sleep, little baby Cuz my pen game crazy, Never lazy, I be on it Designed to create a new frame of mind, Call it zonin' Bitch, I'm in California Britney Spears probably just drove past me Dudes be rollin' down they windows to harass me And you can't even walk past me Without catching feelings I have a dream to inspire, You can call me the realest And I won't stop, No I won't stop For nothing No, I won't stop No I won't stop, I'm coming Still gotta floss, no matter the cost Cuz I gotta get it in to be livin' like a boss Ross, let 'em know who's in charge, I won't stop till my money large I love everybody, Hatin' is a played out sport I'm coaching support, Approaching the door, To better days, I shall rise I'm not afraid, never stuck in my ways I'm ready for change, But in my heart, I'll be the same Girl who made it off the block, To seize my dream and Come out on top, yeah Cuz I'ma boss, I call the shots And I pay the cost And if I'm in this bitch, Then you know it's goin ...

Meredith Hope - Mr. Merry-Go-Round

meredith hopeMeredith Hope - Mr. Merry-Go-Round

Original Song by Me!!! Listen, Love, Like, and hit that replay button!!! Written by Meredith Hope and Florian Reutter Produced by Florian Reutter Engineered by Max Jaeger Follow me on Twitter

Shea Rose Rockn Rose LIVE Berklee College of Music Singers Night 2009

meredith hopeShea Rose Rockn Rose LIVE Berklee College of Music Singers Night 2009

Wagon Wheel (Cover) by Meredith Moon

meredith hopeWagon Wheel (Cover) by Meredith Moon

Here's to memories... and making new ones. Originally by Bob Dylan, then, known version, made by OCMS. Thanks for watching.

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