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Ardijah - Time Makes A Wine (rare live 1986 TV appearance!!)

ardijahArdijah - Time Makes A Wine (rare live 1986 TV appearance!!)

Ryan Monga's classic song Time Makes A Wine was originally sung by Ardijah 4-piece band-member Tony T, before the smash hit-single version by the incomparable Betty-Anne. No doubt about the quality of soul singing on this clip from the youthful Tony T, after years of honing skills with Ardijah on the South Auckland club circuit. Check out the 2010 release of Ardijah : The Best Polyfonk, a career retrospective spanning 3 decades of excellent music!

Ardijah Poly-Fonk

ardijahArdijah Poly-Fonk

Ryan Monga & Simon Lynch talk about Ardijah 2008

Ardijah Live

ardijahArdijah Live

The band Ardijah performing in Apia Samoa

Ardijah - Do To U*

ardijahArdijah - Do To U*

Ardijah - New Zealands own Poly Fonk Band Performing at The Civic Theatre In Auckland (Kiwi Land) 2006. A song well known and travelled here and abroad.What sets Ardijah apart is their unique blend and passion of creative essence and musicianship.To all whanau and whanui look after yourself and one another.

Silly Love Songs - Ardijah (1999) re-post

ardijahSilly Love Songs - Ardijah (1999) re-post

ARDIJAH Ardijah formed in 1979 and spent the early part of the Eighties playing the Auckland Pub and Club scene honing their skills as a covers band. They released their first single in 1986, Give Me Your Number which was followed in 1987 with Your Love Is Blind. This was Ardijah's introduction into the Music Industry where in New Zealand, their popularity was well received. 1987 Ardijah was able to record their debut self-titled album after winning the Rhineck Rock Award ($30000 towards recording cost) which was released by WEA. From this album came the singles |That's the Way]]/Give Me Time and Time Makes A Wine/Jammin'. The style of the band's sound was Funk Rock Reggae which was to changed the music climate of the New Zealand music industry, launching the band's profile as one of New Zealand's 1st R&B acts. A re-vamp of the 1st album come out in late 1988 titled Take a Chance. From this came the singles Watchin' U/Which Way Is Up. Take a Chance held a Top 20 position on the sales charts for four months and achieved platinum status in New Zealand. In 1990, Betty-Anne (Lead singer) and Ryan Monga (Producer, Musical Director & Bass) along with the Band moved to Sydney]], taking their sound throughout the pubs and clubs of Australia. In 1995, after an extensive touring schedule and some worldwide success with their song titled Gimme Time on the hit New Zealand movie Once were Warriors, the band returned to New Zealand. In 1999 Warner Music NZ released Ardijah 3rd album ...

Ardijah - Moonlighting

ardijahArdijah - Moonlighting

Ardijah - Watching You - JACEonBOOMBOX

ardijahArdijah - Watching You - JACEonBOOMBOX

JACEonBOOMBOX Beat Mixing Watching You By Ardijah.NZ Music Month Track 5#.

Ardijah Telethon 85 live

ardijahArdijah Telethon 85 live

Ardijah live Auckland New Zealand Telethon 1985 playing "off & on love" by Champagne.

Silly Love Songs - Ardijah

ardijahSilly Love Songs - Ardijah

I do not own copyright to this material. Paul McCartney Cover.

Ardijah - Watching you

ardijahArdijah - Watching you

Cross Da Ditch 2007 - Gold Coast QLD Part of watching you from Ardijah..

Ardijah - Love So Right

ardijahArdijah - Love So Right

Ardijah - Moonlighting

ardijahArdijah - Moonlighting

ARDIJAH - E IPO [Official video]

ardijahARDIJAH - E IPO [Official video]

ARDIJAH performing 'E IPO' written by Ngoi Pewhairangi & Prince Tui Teka. Lead vocals Rico Tali. Experience the unique 'Poly Fonk' sound showcasing a blend o...

Ardijah- Watching You (Original Version)

ardijahArdijah- Watching You (Original Version)

Hey all , I thought I'd upload the original version of this wonderful amazing jam by Ardijah. Hope this song helps bring back that late 90's groove (haha thi...

Ardijah - Moonlighting

ardijahArdijah - Moonlighting

Video with NZ band Ardijah. (2002)

Ardijah - When The Feeling Is Gone (rare live 2005)

ardijahArdijah - When The Feeling Is Gone (rare live 2005)

A rare clip of the fabulous NZ band Ardijah performing live at Auckland's Civic Theatre in 2005...featuring 3 members of the original 4-piece Eighties line-up, lead singer Betty-Anne delivers a stunning rendition of the Simon Lynch-penned When The Feeling Is Gone, first released in 1987 on their debut album..... NZ music from the Eighties has never sounded better. For updates on South Auckland's finest band visit their website for tour dates and latest news...

Ardijah - Do To You

ardijahArdijah - Do To You


Ardijah   Love So Right

ardijahArdijah Love So Right

Ardijah - Time Makes A Wine (rare live-in-club 1987 video!!)

ardijahArdijah - Time Makes A Wine (rare live-in-club 1987 video!!)

Now here's something extremely rare and special - the chance to see classic 4-piece Ardijah in action, live in an inner-city nightclub in early 1987. This never-before-seen footage shows Ryan Monga, Tony T and Simon Lynch laying down a solid dance-floor groove while stellar 21-year-old vocalist Betty-Anne proves why many regard her as NZ's finest female singer with this stunning version of Ryan Monga's "Time Makes A Wine". Ardijah were early adopters of modern technology, and the dancefloor would remain filled when Ardijah took the stage with their infectious machine-based grooves, no matter how great the last song of the DJ's set beforehand was.

Ardijah - E Ipo live Island Style with uke

ardijahArdijah - E Ipo live Island Style with uke

E ipo live - Price Tui Teka Remake i sland style



Ardijah - Journey (Back to rarotonga)

ardijahArdijah - Journey (Back to rarotonga)

This is a cool song from ardijah off her album Journey (Aere anga)2004.

ARDIJAH- Haere Mai [Official video]

ardijahARDIJAH- Haere Mai [Official video]

Haere Mai from the album The Best PolyFonk Facebook: iTunes NZ:

Ardijah - Silly Love Songs

ardijahArdijah - Silly Love Songs

Ardijah - Silly Love Songs No copyright intended. All rights go to the artists and publishers of the songs.

ARDIJAH: Gimme Time (Once Were Warriors Soundtrack)

ardijahARDIJAH: Gimme Time (Once Were Warriors Soundtrack)

Artist: Ardijah Song: Gimme Time I fell in love with this kiwi band when I was 7 or 8 years old, and knew it thanks to the film "Once Were Warriors" by Lee Tamahori. Ardijah's albums are not available in France - :( - so I made this video for you and for me! :)

Ardijah - Watchin u (poly funk stylez) (DeEjAyTaRnZ)

ardijahArdijah - Watchin u (poly funk stylez) (DeEjAyTaRnZ)

Entertainment purposes only. I do not own the music, nor do I own the images in this video. Conditions of use is solely based on artist/ band. Mean Maori!

Ardijah Watchin You live

ardijahArdijah Watchin You live

Ardijah watchin you live at the homai te paki paki final.

Ardijah   Time Makes The Wine

ardijahArdijah Time Makes The Wine

Ardijah - Moonlighting.

ardijahArdijah - Moonlighting.

A Kiwi Classic and always will be. Ardijah Probably my favorite singer from New Zealand. Moon Lighting rocks...

ARDIJAH   Silly Love Songs 1999

ardijahARDIJAH Silly Love Songs 1999

Ardijah - Haere Mai on Homai Te Pakipaki

ardijahArdijah - Haere Mai on Homai Te Pakipaki

ARDIJAH performing 'Haere Mai' on Homai Te Pakipaki, Friday 6th July 2012. Acoustic version.

Ardijah - The Origins Of Polyfonk (2008 interview)

ardijahArdijah - The Origins Of Polyfonk (2008 interview)

Not often can one claim to be part of an unique and pioneering musical experience - but in the eighties Ardijah rose to national prominence, largely thanks t...

Desire - Ardijah

ardijahDesire - Ardijah

No, I DO NOT own the rights to this song, however, it is my favourite sooo.. here you go world, enjoy! PS it is off my mums 'Journey' album so its all legit. No downloading up in here lol! AOTEAROA MUSIC AT ITS FINEST!

Ardijah - E Ipo live Island Style with uke.mp4

ardijahArdijah - E Ipo live Island Style with uke.mp4

Kiwi Styles - Poly funk...

ARDIJAH - give me your number   FUNK 1985

ardijahARDIJAH - give me your number FUNK 1985


Ardijah - Watchin U

ardijahArdijah - Watchin U

1988 clip for veteren Kiwi act Ardijah. Love the 80's hair!!!

Ardijah - Live Medley (1986)

ardijahArdijah - Live Medley (1986)

Here's something brand-new on the slydogmania channel - a rare never-before-heard-or-seen clip of a youthful 4-piece Ardijah, recorded live at the Galaxy nig...

Ardijah - Watching You

ardijahArdijah - Watching You

Betty-Ann went on to win Top Female Vocalist at the 1999 New Zealand Music Awards

Ardijah - Give Me Your Number (rare 1986 TV appearance!!!)

ardijahArdijah - Give Me Your Number (rare 1986 TV appearance!!!)

A rare TV appearance of the 4-piece Ardijah showcasing their debut single Give Me Your Number in early 1986, with the outstanding Betty-Anne Monga (vcls), Ryan Monga (bs), Tony "T" Nogotautama (gtr) and Simon Lynch (kbds). Ardijah rose quickly to national prominence with Give Me Your Number reaching the Top 20 and launching the career of one of the best-ever bands to emerge from Aotearoa...back in the day folks, enjoy!

Ardijah - Haere Mai

ardijahArdijah - Haere Mai

Reping New Zealand Here No Copyight Intented.

Silly Love Songs - Ardijah at PCC, Hawaii, 2011

ardijahSilly Love Songs - Ardijah at PCC, Hawaii, 2011

Random Polyfonk waiata for the performers of Haa at the Polynesian Cultural Centre August 2011. Aloha!

Ardijah pay Tribute to Whitney Houston (February 2012)

ardijahArdijah pay Tribute to Whitney Houston (February 2012)

Ardijah pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston by performing two of her classic hits 'Saving All My Love' and 'How Will I Know' at the Summer Jam concert in...

Ardijah - do to you Lyrics .wmv

ardijahArdijah - do to you Lyrics .wmv

This was a helpfull creation done with the expert advice by my son he was having so much fun making this video.

Ardijah - Your Love Is Blind (live 1986 television appearance)

ardijahArdijah - Your Love Is Blind (live 1986 television appearance)

Introduced by legendary Maori showman Delvanius Prime, a youthful Tony T leads 4-piece Ardijah on Your Love Is Blind, live in front of a television audience ...

Ardijah - Take A Chance (rare live-in-club 1987 video!!)

ardijahArdijah - Take A Chance (rare live-in-club 1987 video!!)

If proof was needed that South Auckland group Ardijah were the funkiest band around in the Eighties, look no further than this never-before-seen footage of t...

Ardijah - Time makes a wine recorded 2012 at the Kawhia Kai Festival

ardijahArdijah - Time makes a wine recorded 2012 at the Kawhia Kai Festival

Ardijah - Time makes a wine A video thrown together of footage filmed at the Kawhia Kai Festival February 5 2012. Bands featured Ardijah, Zion Hill and many ...

Ardijah - Watchin You (dj villez)

ardijahArdijah - Watchin You (dj villez)


Ardijah - Do to you (Instrumental)

ardijahArdijah - Do to you (Instrumental)


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